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Do you know if your website is up right now? We do! LEARN MORE

Google is testing a Slow label right now and it appears to be visible to some mobile Android users. It clearly signals that Google is taking web performance seriously, especially mobile. Site owners would be wise to identify performance problem areas by getting actual visibility into how actual users view their pages. We recommend using Pingdom’s Real User Monitoring.

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Why Does Pingdom Say My Site Is Down – When It Is Not?

150x150-errorWhat if Pingdom reports that your site or server is unavailable, but in your browser you see it as up and running? Here we’ll explain why that is.

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The Next Generation of Geek Girls

borntohackThe importance of an inclusive and diversified tech scene can’t be underestimated – meet the next generation of geek girls.

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Getting Started with Alerts

BeepManagerAlerting is the cornerstone of any monitoring tool. When your website goes down, or when there’s a problem, you want to know about it before it affects you.

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How to Integrate Nagios with Pingdom

app-ico-blogAn easy to follow step-by-step guide how to integrate Nagios with Pingdom.

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A Day at the University

app-ico-blogA local univeristy with more than 13,000 students — and a computer engineer programme — surely we’d meet some of our future colleagues.

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New Feature: Select Which Probe Location to Use

beep-150x150We have added another neat feature to the Pingdom uptime monitoring service. You asked for it, and we listened. You can now choose from which location, or locations, you want to monitor your check.

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Behind the Scenes at Pingdom

velocity-150x150As you’ve probably noticed, we’re growing. Fast. This spring alone, Pingdom is hiring 15 new talents to our Stockholm office. With customers like Pinterest, Facebook and Spotify (and about 700,000 more), the rate of employment will definitely not slow down so we made a film about what it’s like working at Pingdom. Here you’ll see what’s been going on behind the scenes.

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A Video of Our Trip to California

A few weeks ago, nine of us got on a plane and travelled to California. We attended the always awesome Velocity Conference in the heart of Silicon Valley.

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Gzip compression for our HTTP(S) checks

We are very happy to announce that as of August 4 we are implementing gzip compression in our HTTP and HTTPS checks.

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