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Uptime vs. downtime

The media loves bad news. It’s a sad but true fact of life.

For example: Server administrators love the word “uptime”. Most normal people love uptime, because it means that things are working the way they should. Uptime is a positive word.

“Downtime,” however, most server administrators really hate. The shit has hit the proverbial fan, unless it’s planned downtime, of course. Downtime is a negative word.

But the media? They are jumping up and down out of joy. What is bad news for you, is good news for them. This becomes blatantly obvious when comparing the words “uptime” and “downtime” in Google Trends:

Uptime VS Downtime

The general public searches for the word “uptime” much more often than “downtime”. But look at which word dominates the news… could it be…? Yes, “downtime”!

Make sure you don’t end up as one of the contributors to that red line of media focusing on downtime. May we humbly suggest using an uptime monitoring service…? ;)

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