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The Pingdom Crib

We would like to invite you all to a tour around the Pingdom crib. We took some photos of how our Swedish office looks like on a sunny Friday afternoon.

The Pingdom
Above: The Pingdom, formerly an old industrial building.

Above:The sign of uptime and freedom leads the way.

Above:Our sofa for relaxing moments with a magazine.

meeting room
Above:The place where Pingdom’s future is decided upon.

Above:This is where the energy comes from.

Above:Hard working employees creating new miracles.

Server room
Above:Behind that door two racks of servers do their work. The key has been swallowed to keep them safe.

Above:This is where the administration pushes papers.

The full image set can be seen at our Flickr page.

In next week’s episode of Pingdom Cribs, we’ll visit our Serbian office.


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Webbyra Stockholm
Webbyra Stockholm

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