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Banner creators wanted – $200 on the line

Did the banner below get your attention? Good. But we want banners that can get attention for other reasons than being butt ugly. That is why we are offering $200 to anyone who can create a really good Pingdom banner for us.

This banner is currently being displayed on CSS Mania. If you win, yours will be shown instead.

Ugly banner
Image: Lovely color use. Lovely font. NOT!

For those of you who don’t know us, Pingdom is a website monitoring company. You can find out more at

$200 for the best banner
The task at hand, and what could get you that $200, is to create a banner that advertises Pingdom’s services.

Specifications for the Pingdom banner:

  • Size: 205 x 180 pixels.
  • Type: Static GIF or JPEG.

The Pingdom logo is available in vector format at You should use the Trade Gothic font for text. Take a look at the visual style of for guidance.

The rest is up to your own imagination and creativity. Please email your contributions and any questions you may have to banner AT

To get you started, here are some basic text snippets and ideas for slogans:
“Make sure your site works 24/7.”
“Free trial including 20 SMS alerts.”
“100% uptime, or you are losing visitors.”
“We watch your site so you don’t have to.”

The deadline is December 17. We will announce the winner in this blog. You can send us as many banners as you like before the deadline.

Disclaimer: Pingdom reserves the right to use the winning banner entry as we see fit, and will need the banner in its original format. We also reserve the right to not select a winner and hence not pay out $200 if none of the banners we receive suit our needs.

UPDATED: The deadline has been moved from December 14 to December 17 (Sunday).


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