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Enjoy some downtime

Hold on, did we just use the word downtime? Us, of all people? We should state this more clearly. Of course we mean offline downtime. No, that didn’t come out right either… Ok… Downtime as in relaxing, and in our case, playing with our new toys:

Image: Toys for Christmas! Everyone at Pingdom received an USB rocket launcher and an USB Santa. Most popular by far has for some reason been the rocket launcher…

There are some other people who also have a new “toy” to play with, although an extremely useful one: Our 48-hour Christmas special is going great, with more than 500 new users having signed up for the free year, and there’s still plenty of time left. The feedback has been great. The best comment we’ve received so far has to be: “Yummie! Best Christmas gift so far (including Google’s :-) ).”

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