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Pingdom review at CenterNetworks

CenterNetworks, a website covering Web 2.0, recently posted a review of the Pingdom uptime monitoring service.

061227 centernetworks review

So what’s the verdict from CenterNetworks? The closing words in the review are:

So if you are looking to keep an eye on your website’s downtime, and you are really into statistics, I think that you should give Pingdom a try. Even if you’re not a stats buff, this is a service you need.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Not only that, one of the CenterNetworks readers added his own two cents in the comment section:


Talk about a service that really needed to be made easy to use. Most companies that provide this charge an arm and a leg and don’t use a website for account creation, etc. (hard to believe, huh?)

This is exactly what we are trying to accomplish. Simplicity and ease of use without skimping on the features.

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