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Linux topping downtime league this month

We had a look at the websites of some of the more famous OS developers, namely Microsoft, Apple, Sun, FreeBSD, Red Hat and Ubuntu. So, how are they doing, downtime wise?

Downtime so far in January (URLs link to the downtime report pages for the websites):

Website Downtime		2h 30 min		1h 59 min		   5 min		   4 min	   0 min		   0 min

Looks like the two Linux distributions have done the worst this month. To be fair, though, both websites normally have a very respectable uptime.

Data source: GIGRIB.

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  1. [...] If you compare this with the same list from January, you’ll see that the Redhat and Ubuntu websites were “on top” back then as well. Though considering we’re talking about downtime here, perhaps “at the bottom” would be a better choice of words. [...]