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Archive for February, 2007

What the Web’s most popular sites are running on

With its Web 2.0 focus it is easily one of the most popular blogs out there. Linked to by over 15,400 other blogs according to Technorati makes it the 5th most popular blog on the Web. Technorati also has 151,000 feed subscribers according to Feedburner. FeedBurner provides RSS feed management for bloggers and other […]

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Fun and graceful downtime – YouTube leads by example

When your website goes down, whether it’s for planned or unplanned (read: panicky) maintenance, you definitely want to have some kind of temporary landing page. If visitors are just met by a browser error message that doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. A company that has repeatedly provided everyone with great, and very amusing, maintenance pages is […]

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Pingdom founder in book about entrepreneurship

Sam Nurmi, founder and CEO of Pingdom, has been profiled as one of only 15 people in a new book about entrepreneurship (the interview actually took place way back in October). The book contains plenty of good advice and is part of an initiative to inspire and stimulate budding young entrepreneurs and will be freely […]

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Why on Earth are there THIRTEEN root servers?

It’s Friday (thankfully not the 13th) and we just have to get something off our collective chest. There is a HUGE flaw in the DNS system and the Internet as we know it will probably cease to exist very soon. What are we talking about? The whole Internet rests on the shoulders of 13 DNS […]

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How the Internet could come to a stop

Last week there was an attempt to attack and bring down the DNS root nameservers of the Internet with a large-scale distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. The attack caused major problems for at least one of the 13 root nameservers (ironically the one maintained by the U.S. Department of Defense.) This is not the first time […]

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Free year of Pingdom uptime monitoring this Valentine’s

As a special Valentine’s Day gift, Pingdom has decided to offer everyone at Web Hosting Talk a full FREE year of uptime monitoring. We love hosting companies (and we’re pretty sure they love us.) This is our way of sending some loving their way on this special day. Image: Note that this is just a […]

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Swedish monitoring server on the way

We are about to add a new monitoring location in Västerås, Sweden. The server has been installed and is now going through the rough but fair monitoring server boot camp before joining the troops. Image: Shiny new monitoring server resting securely in its server rack. Pingdom will gradually be adding more and more servers. We […]

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The marketing ninja from Hell

We found these hilarious videos and felt they were right on the money. This is why you need uptime monitoring. Sooner or later you’ll do business with this guy. Recognize him? We call him the marketing ninja from Hell. He’ll sneak up on you and get you when you least expect it. 100 percent uptime! […]

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Spam costing U.S. employers $130 million a day

Spam is flooding the Internet and now accounts for 94 percent of all emails. When discussing damage caused by spam, one thing that is rarely mentioned is the amount of time lost every day dealing with it. The old saying “time is money” holds as true as ever, and some simple calculations show that spam […]

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Public uptime builds trust for web hosts

A web hosting company has a lot to gain by being open with their uptime. After all, their customers (and would-be customers) want to feel safe and know that their website is in good hands. An excellent way to do this is to use an external third-party uptime monitoring service such as Pingdom (we are […]

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