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Will Shutdown Day shut down?

Shutdown Day...Shutdown Day encourages everyone to shut down and live without their computers for one day. The day of reckoning is this Saturday, March 24.

Now, if they are really serious about this turning-off-computers deal they should shut down their own site as well… Right? We’ve added to Pingdom GIGRIB to see if the website stays up or not on Saturday.

Six hours left now according to their website… Will they shut down?

Shutdown Day website uptime (we started measuring today):

(Let’s hope the server admins of the world won’t jump on board and shut down their servers… Imagine the people at Google going all in. :) )



  1. [...] The much-talked-about Shutdown Day took place this Saturday (March 24). As you might remember, last week we added the Shutdown Day website to GIGRIB to see if they, in the name of consistency, would also shut down their own website during that day. [...]