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Digg, Slashdot, Netscape fight for 100% uptime

This three-week uptime survey of 11 social bookmarking sites shows 100% uptime for Digg, Fark, Slashdot and Netscape. Other sites are less fortunate.

Digg and are at the forefront of social media and web 2.0, but they are far from alone. They have plenty of competing services, and these social bookmarking sites are getting a lot of traffic. So much traffic, in fact, that some of them seem to be having website problems.

Social bookmarking sites logos

Downtime of 11 popular social bookmarking sites

This is the total downtime since May 3 for each of the 11 websites in the survey.

Website			Downtime		     0m		     0m		 1h 28m		     0m		     0m		    33m		     5m		20h 11m		 2h  6m		 4h 28m		    24m

As you can see, Digg, Fark, Netscape and Slashdot have all had perfect uptime records so far, and isn’t far behind with just 5 minutes of downtime.

Blinklist, on the other hand, has had more than 20 hours of website downtime in just these three weeks. The longest individual downtime for the Blinklist website was 4 hours and 46 minutes.

Uptime for in May

One possible explanation to all this downtime could be that Blinklist is having scaling issues (a.k.a. growing pains). Sometimes there is a back side to being popular.

About the survey

The website monitoring was performed by Pingdom – The Uptime Company.