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New forum for Pingdom Tools available

We have released a public forum for Pingdom Tools, our set of free tools for webmasters. The idea is that you now have a place to post feature requests and questions, discuss test results and share tips and tricks (and, God forbid, post any bugs you may find).

“Helpful resource” are the keywords here, just like they are for Pingdom Tools in general.

Since the forum is completely new, there are only a few posts in it so far, but don’t let that stop you. We will be keeping a close eye on it, so it’s a great place to post any questions and ideas you may have about Pingdom Tools. You are guaranteed to receive a reply either from the team at Pingdom or from other users (or both).

What is Pingdom Tools again?

Pingdom Tools currently consist of three practical tools, and more will be added over time. All use AJAX to provide a responsive and easy-to-use interface and presentation.

Our Ping and Traceroute tools are self explanatory, but now have a graphical interface to make them a bit more visually pleasing and easy to read.

The crown jewel of Pingdom Tools is the Full Page Test. It will perform a detailed load-time analysis of all objects on any web page and give you the chance to apply a number of very useful filters to help you find exactly the kind of information you are looking for (the largest files, external objects, broken links, slowest-loading files, all images, etc).

Now go check out the forum

We hope you will find the Pingdom Tools forum useful. Go check it out! :) We look forward to hearing from you.


When there are alerts to the site going down the value of this alert would be more if you could point in the direction of the cause.

But i have to find out myself what the cause was, which takes different skills that have to be learnt, and if the person is able to learn these skills then services like pingdom are worthless.

If i knew the cause i would go and fix it.

But there would be value if you told me the cause and i could go and fix it.

Me - Hey mr host provider my site is going down all the time, pingdom says so.

Hosting P- No it isn't, show me screen shot.

Me - Can t do screen shots down time is for minutes, sometimes less than a minute.

Hosting P - Need screen shot, no issues reported, can you provide evidence?

Me - But this is 20 times a day here is a report.

Hosting P - Sorry need screen shot if you cannot tell us why you have the downtime , no issues with us.

The position at the moment is - there is this invisible man poking me in the eye, cant stop him cause cant see him, the pattern is never the same and he shoes are clean so leaves no footprints.

The man next to me called pingdom has glasses to see the invisible man and can see him poking my eye, he is no use cause its too late when he warns me the invisible has poked my eye as i feel the pain, so no need to pay him as his eyesight is not good enough to tell me earlier enough when the invisible man is going to poke my eye for me to stop him.

Pingdom and services like pingdom need to be able to explain the cause whatever the cause is.

In fact i can get what pingdom does for free,, so a bit suspect of why pingdom wants to charge.

Unless there is something your not telling me lol.