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Archive for August, 2007

It’s never a good sign if your flight makes the News

No trip is complete without at least one major incident. (Murphy’s Law in action, once again.) When our visiting Serbian team took off from Arlanda airport this Tuesday to return home, it turned out that the transponders on the airplane were broken. Those are the things that make the plane visible to the flight control […]

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Pingdom boot camp – Planning the coming 12 months

Last Friday, seven guys from Pingdom’s Serbian development team came to visit us here in Sweden. What followed were four intensive days with a lot of work but also a lot of fun. Some of us hadn’t met before, so it was great getting to know everyone in person. What was on the agenda? Plan […]

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Firefox campaign converted IE users?

Congratulations to the 1,000 Firefox users who managed to land themselves a whole year of Pingdom uptime monitoring for free in our campaign last week. (Yes, all 1,000 accounts disappeared like butter in sunshine.) Interestingly enough, when we analyzed our web server logs we noticed that 23 percent of the people that visited the Pingdom […]

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Firefox user? Save $120 and get FREE uptime monitoring

If you sign up for Pingdom uptime monitoring using a Firefox browser you will get a whole year for free (saving you $119.40). The offer is valid until Saturday. Sounds interesting? Visit the Pingdom sign-up page! (You don’t need a credit card.) We are celebrating the successful release of our Mr Uptime Firefox extension by […]

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What nine of the world’s largest websites are running on

Have you ever wondered what technology some of the really big websites use? The likes of Digg, YouTube, Myspace and so on? There is a very interesting website called High Scalability that is dedicated to, as they put it themselves, “building bigger, faster, more reliable websites.” They collect information about the architecture of high-traffic websites […]

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The 20 most expensive domain names and where they lead

That domain names have become big business isn’t news to anyone. It is often likened to a virtual real estate business where millions of dollars are at stake. We were curious to see how the most expensive domain names are actually being used today, so we decided to find out. Kate Donahue from Sedo was […]

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The making of Mr Uptime

This blog entry will let you in behind the scenes of how Mr Uptime was created, from idea to development, and how the idea was realized from start to finish in less than 200 man hours. The idea As with many ideas, the idea of Mr Uptime was born out of a problem. The problem […]

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Free Pingdom to .net magazine subscribers

.net magazine is offering all their subscribers one year of free uptime monitoring from Pingdom, worth $119.40. The offer is included in issue 166 (summer 2007) which should already have landed in your mailbox if you are a subscriber. Look at the insert included with the magazine to get information on how to claim your […]

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Mr Uptime certified 100% clean by Softpedia

Mr Uptime (Pingdom’s brand new Firefox extension) has been certified 100% clean by the popular software library and download service Softpedia, one of the top 500 sites in the world according to Alexa. From the Softpedia website: Softpedia guarantees that Mr Uptime is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, […]

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Mr Uptime launch a total success

We released Mr Uptime, our new Firefox extension, to the public last Friday. Only three days ago, in other words, and the launch has already been a great success. Google tells the story – from 0 to 11,000 in 3 days. Before last Friday, doing a Google search for “Mr Uptime” would barely give you […]

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