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Firefox campaign converted IE users?

Congratulations to the 1,000 Firefox users who managed to land themselves a whole year of Pingdom uptime monitoring for free in our campaign last week. (Yes, all 1,000 accounts disappeared like butter in sunshine.)

Interestingly enough, when we analyzed our web server logs we noticed that 23 percent of the people that visited the Pingdom homepage with Internet Explorer during the campaign came back a while later with Firefox (based on IP numbers).

Firefox 1 - IE 0

This means that we probably got some more people to install and try out Firefox, which is what we were hoping for. The graph below shows visits to the Pingdom homepage divided by web browser (Firefox, IE and others) before, during and after the Pingdom Firefox campaign.

Browser visits to

A big thank you to everyone who helped spread the word (Mashable, WebAppers, and many, many others).

(We also noticed increased downloads of our Mr Uptime Firefox extension, so it really was a “Firefox week”.)

And finally, to all of you who signed up: Welcome to Pingdom! :)



  1. [...] We wrote about the results of our Firefox campaign a couple of days ago. In short, a free offer made lots of people switch web browsers to Firefox. We had expected that a lot of people would install Firefox and come back to our website to be able to be able to sign up for a free Pingdom account, but it was very interesting to see how many actually did it. [...]