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Archive for September, 2007

Google availability differs greatly between countries

Google Search users in the United States are 10 times more likely to encounter a problem than users in Brazil, according to this unique one-year survey from Pingdom. Google has a large number of localized versions of their Google Search homepage. We have monitored the uptime of Google Search for 32 different countries during a […]

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Hosting company with 0% uptime

There are good hosting companies, bad hosting companies, and then there is No Uptime. Yes, of course it’s all a joke, but it’s a very funny and very well made website. Image: If your website downtime ever starts to follow this trend, you might want to consider switching to another host. Their slogan says it […]

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Pingdom has detected 1.2 million site outages in 2007

There is a lot of downtime on the internet, more than most people are aware of. That is why we figured it would be interesting to share how many website and server outages we have detected for our customers so far during 2007. Number of outages in 2007 From the start of 2007 until today, […]

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New Pingdom feature: Detailed error descriptions

Starting this week, it is possible to see the exact reason why a server or website is detected as down by Pingdom. This will make it much easier for you as a user to pinpoint exactly what is wrong, and should help you find the problem faster. This is not a feature you need to […]

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404 error campaign in motion

We realized that it might be interesting to have a record of what the 404 error campaign looked like and ”behaved” even after it is gone. In other words, a video… So here it is, for your viewing pleasure and with a little bit of help from YouTube: Above: This is our first YouTube video! […]

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Love and hate for the 404 error campaign

If you have visited the Pingdom homepage in the last few days, you have seen a 404 error message instead of our regular homepage. However, it is actually a campaign where we have changed the error message from “404 page not found” to “404 price not found” (see the image below). We thought this was […]

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404 – Price not found

We have just launched a campaign on the Pingdom website. Why do people use uptime monitoring? A huge reason is to know if there is a problem with their websites or servers. No one is immune against downtime, but sometimes it can be hard to explain the point of using uptime monitoring in a simple […]

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Why a high monitoring resolution is important

It is becoming increasingly common for both companies and individuals to monitor the uptime (availability) of their websites and servers. That way they can be notified of problems as soon as they occur and also view how their site has performed historically. However, not all monitoring is created equal. How useful uptime monitoring will be […]

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Cool customers arrive through .net

.net magazine had a special treat for all their subscribers in their 2007 summer issue: One free year of Pingdom uptime monitoring (normal price, $119.40). The .net subscribers had until the end of August to sign up on the special address provided on the flyer that came with the magazine. Now that the campaign is […]

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How often is online storage offline?

This is a survey of the uptime of 16 online storage services during June – Aug 2007, showing some striking differences in availability. The service with the best uptime only had five minutes of downtime in three months, while the service with the worst uptime had more than 66 hours of downtime during the same […]

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