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404 – Price not found

We have just launched a campaign on the Pingdom website.

Why do people use uptime monitoring? A huge reason is to know if there is a problem with their websites or servers. No one is immune against downtime, but sometimes it can be hard to explain the point of using uptime monitoring in a simple way.

However, everyone surfing the web has seen error pages, and this is of course one of the things we detect.

We decided to play with this a bit, so our homepage is currently showing a big 404 error message. (Imagine how ironic it would be if our own homepage would actually be down or not working?)

Take a second look, though, and the error isn’t about a missing page, but about a missing price (we are offering a 50% discount).

404 Price not found

Note: We have had real website downtime ourselves in the past, but at least we found out right away thanks to our monitoring and could solve the problem. Phew. :)

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  3. [...] One of the site monitoring service I use is Pingdom, I was able to acquire their services through their 404 – Price not Found Promo last September. I like their charts, it’s easy to comprehend and their email alerts have been reliable. They also send out sms messages to your phone aside from the email notifications if your site is down. Overall, I have been very happy with their service especially during the time when I had experience a major server blowup on my previous reseller host. If in the case I want to continue their services, I’d have to pay $119.4 annually which is quite a lot for a frugal girl like me but I think the services they offer is worth thinking it twice over. [...]