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Archive for October, 2007

How downtime can kill all your SEO efforts

When your website gets indexed by Google it will be added to Google’s regular crawling. This means that Google will load pages from your site at a regular interval. If your website is popular (high traffic and many inbound links) it will be crawled more often than if it is seen as a less important […]

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Human errors most common reason for data center outages

We recently blogged about some statistics we have collected on different reasons why a website can be down. Our statistics mostly covered software and network issues with facts about the most common problems. With this in mind we found it interesting when we encountered a survey by Aperture Research Institute done back in April 2007 […]

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How to set up operations for a startup

Jesse Robbins has a nice post over at O´Reilly Radar called “Operations is a competitive advantage… (Secret Sauce for Startups!)”. It’s an interesting piece on how to plan effectively for operations when launching a startup. His basic thesis is that most startups think of operations as something boring and because of this spend too little […]

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Same website monitoring for $2 or $76, you choose

We wanted to do a price comparison between some of the better-known uptime monitoring services. Since we have time and time again stated the importance of frequent tests when monitoring websites and servers, we decided to compare the price for monitoring a website with a one-minute monitoring resolution (testing every minute). Prices for many services […]

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Top 7 website errors revealed and explained

Who hasn’t had a problem accessing a website on the internet? Our guess is that there isn’t anyone out there who has had an error-free experience of the web. But what are the main reasons for all these problems? We decided to find out. Since Pingdom is a website monitoring service with thousands of customers […]

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Sorry, Center Networks, no Feedburner uptime data

Allen Stern over at Center Networks noted yesterday that it seemed like the RSS delivery service Feedburner was having some issues. He then made an interesting comment: Where is Pingdom with an uptime report? We would have loved to help you out, Allen, but unfortunately we don’t have any Feedburner monitoring data of our own […]

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Independent monitoring data adds credibility

A while ago, Pingdom published a report on the availability of online storage services, showing how often they were offline. For any such service on the internet, availability is a very important factor. The service that scored best in the test was MailBigFile. They have capitalized on the value of having independent third-party information that […]

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CNET, the mega-popular software download service, was down for more than an hour on Tuesday evening. The website is ranked as the 111th most trafficked in the world. Other popular CNET websites such as, Gamespot and Gamefaqs were also unavailable during this time. Considering the downtime occurred in the evening in the US, […]

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Vacation times bring more website downtime?

How much a single website is offline can vary a great deal from month to month. Some months, everything can be flawless, not a minute of downtime, while other months, perhaps thanks to one or more network outages or server problems, a website can be unavailable for hours. Therefore it would be interesting to see […]

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Hats off for Red Hat uptime

Red Hat, one of the more popular Linux distributions, especially for servers, is taking pretty good care of their website (which we assume runs on Red Hat Linux…). Downtime for the Red Hat website in 2007   January 2h 30m February 10m March 1m April 39m May 0 June 0 July 54m August 4m September […]

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