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Archive for December, 2007

The major incidents on the internet in 2007

We have gathered 13 of the most notable internet-related outages and incidents of 2007. Why 13? Though you usually can’t blame downtime on bad luck, we thought it was an appropriate number for a collection like this. Now on to the list! The Great Skype Outage Anyone using Skype will remember this one. Back in […]

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Happy Holidays, and Happy Downtime!

The team at Pingdom would like to wish you all Happy Holidays (and a less politically correct Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as well!) A list of advice… If you and your colleagues plan on being away from the office like the rest of the population, but still have a service or site […]

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Twitter growing pains cause lots of downtime in 2007

In most ways, 2007 has been a great year for Twitter. The service has grown tremendously and has become one of the big social network successes. The flip side of this popularity is that they have often been unable to handle all the traffic their large user base has been bringing in, which has affected […]

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512 terabytes of spam flood the internet every day

120 billion spam emails. Taste that number. That is how many waste-of-space, soul-sucking, worthless emails pollute the internet every single day. We sampled the not-inconsiderable amount of spam our office mail server gets hammered with every day to estimate the average size of a spam email, which happens to be 4.27 kilobytes (based on a […]

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Things we would like to see CRASH on the internet

Usually downtime on the internet is a Bad Thing ™, whether it is network downtime or server downtime or any other malfunction. But let’s face it, there are some things we would happily see go down. Spam servers If spam would end, even for just a while, the mail servers of the world would heave […]

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Worst uptime guarantees ever

We had a look at what kind of uptime guarantees web hosting companies are offering. Especially, how bad they can get. In doing this, we found several examples of web hosting companies that only offer a 95% uptime guarantee. Numbers like that don’t exactly inspire confidence. Why? Have a look below. With 95% uptime, how […]

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Uptime of 20 top webmaster and hosting forums

Forums are a great resource, and there seems to exist at least one for every subject imaginable (yes, really). This being the web, there are of course bound to be a lot of forums that focus on webmasters and web hosting. It isn’t always easy to keep a forum running smoothly. Forum software is notoriously […]

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A history of the dynamic web

Today we enjoy websites that are full of content and services that let us take care of anything imaginable online (well, almost). But the ride to our “Web 2.0” world of today has taken quite a while. It has been about 14 years since the first web page with dynamic content was created. This is […]

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Windows Live serves 3.24 million pages per second has published some really interesting numbers about Microsoft’s IT infrastructure. Here is a summary with some additional analysis. Inside Microsoft Internally, Microsoft has 10,000 servers in 3 data centers and one operations center. 6 million internal emails per day. 20 million emails from the internet, of which 97% are rejected as spam.   Interestingly, […]

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