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512 terabytes of spam flood the internet every day

120 billion spam emails. Taste that number. That is how many waste-of-space, soul-sucking, worthless emails pollute the internet




Spam spam spam spam spam

We sampled the not-inconsiderable amount of spam our office mail server gets hammered with every day to estimate the average size of a spam email, which happens to be 4.27 kilobytes (based on a sample of just over a thousand spam emails).

That lands us on a daily overall bandwidth usage of 120 billion * 4.27 kilobytes = 512 terabytes of nothing but SPAM.

Sure, the main bandwidth hog these days is probably streaming video, but spam is completely unnecessary material that doesn’t add anything good whatsoever:

  1. Added strain on the internet’s infrastructure.
  2. Wasted bandwidth.
  3. Wasted disk space on mail servers AND workstations.
  4. AND finally, how many legitimate emails aren’t missed because they disappear in the masses of spam?

This is just wishful thinking, but SPAM, PLEASE GO AWAY!

(Image courtesy of freezelight.)


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  1. [...] Day! Hard to believe, isn’t it? Spam eats 512 terabytes of space each and every single day. This is just an extremely rough estimate, and it’s likely that it’s in fact more than 512 terabytes each day.  Pingdom came up with this estimate after finding out that there are about 120 billion spam emails that pollute the web each day. Then they sampled the amount of spam that their office mail server got to determine the average size of each message which was 4.27 kilobytes. Multiply 4.27 kilobytes by the 120 billion spam messages each day and you come up with 512 terabytes.  If you were to take into consideration the size of the spam messages which are one giant image, the number would likely be quite a bit more. In all, I’d say that their number is on the low side. [...]

  2. [...] According to SoftScan, the UK-based business email security company, 97.13% of all email were spam or viruses in December, up from 96.18% in October, 2007. A year ago, the number was 88.46%, and in June, 2006 the number stood at 85.47%. According to CSO, the number of spam per day doubled from the beginning to the end of 2007, from roughly 60 billion to 120 billion. And a rough calculation available from Pingdom suggests that all this spam takes up 512 terabytes of email memory every day. [...]

  3. [...] O mundo todo recebe cerca de 120 bilhões de e-mails não solicitados por dia, então num calculo simples onde cada spam tem em média 4.27 kilobytes, 120 bilhões * 4.27 chega a aproximadamente 512 terabytes, é, isso mesmo, 512 terabytes que não servem pra nada, que deixam sua internet lenta, que lotam suas caixas de spams e que fazem você perder 5.13 anos de sua vida só pra excluí-los. Um valor aproximado de U$D 128.000 diários em espaço nos servidores de e-mails com todo esse lixo. E sem contar todo os e-mails que poderiam não ser spams e são perdidos no meio. (via) [...]

  4. [...] SPAM dari hari ke hari semakin menggila. Bahkan menurut salah satu situs, PINGDOM, setiap harinya, SPAM yang tersebar di internet itu sebesar 512 Terabyte per [...]