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Archive for January, 2008

Is Digg digging its own grave?

Digg has a problem. That problem is that the more users Digg gets, an increasing amount of the stories that reach the Digg front page are bound to be unavailable, brought down by the storm of visitors from Digg. If Digg keeps growing it will automatically kill almost any site that reaches the front page. […]

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When data center cabling becomes art

We have posted pics of some truly messy data center cabling in the past, but this time we figured it was time to do the opposite: Show how some people have managed to organize cables into something close to art. Courtesy of Digital:Slurp. — Courtesy of ChrisDag. — Courtesy of mbm3290. Swedish colors! How could […]

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The state of Linux according to Google

This is a look at the state of Linux through the eyes of Google Trends, Google’s highly useful search trend analyzer. The Linux distributions compared Everyone says Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution, and boy does it become obvious when looking at it through Google’s eyes. With all the buzz, it shouldn’t come as […]

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Marketing by downtime, the Apple way

Apple is famous for its well-designed hardware and software. Much of their success is due to innovative products combined with smart marketing. They have always had their own way of doing things. If you’re an Apple fan you have probably seen that famous yellow post-it note. We’re of course talking about the “maintenance” page that […]

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After 2 million tests, Pingdom Tools v2.0 has arrived

Pingdom Tools is a free set of web-based tools for webmasters and other web-curious people. We launched it this summer and it has proven extremely popular. So far, more than two million tests have been performed with its graphical website load time, ping and traceroute tests. We have just added a major improvement to this […]

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Pingdom review in Microsoft’s TechNet Magazine

The January 2008 issue of Microsoft’s TechNet Magazine features a review of Pingdom’s uptime monitoring service. TechNet Magazine is delivered to 100,000 IT professionals. A few quotes from the review: I’ve said this before, and I simply can’t stress it enough: a proactive approach to systems administration will result in less stress and will help […]

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Don’t let Google find your secrets

Google is one of the best hacking tools out there. It may sound incredible, but relatively simple searches in Google and other search engines can dig out sensitive or even dangerous information about your site, your servers and your company. You want Google to index your site and make you visible and searchable. That part […]

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The worst cable mess ever

We found this picture and couldn’t believe our eyes. This can’t even be called a cable mess. This is cable CHAOS. “Hmmm… Where does this one lead…?” Hopefully this isn’t your data center. Not tired of cable messes yet? Want more? Then check out this excellent, but kind of scary collection.

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Web hosting names that make you go “Huh?”

There are a lot of web hosting companies out there with unusual, strange, or just plain weird names (and URLs). We have collected some of the strangest ones in this post. The trashy (From their website: “The only place for trashy, tasteless, useless, politically incorrect, silly, stupid, meaningless, obnoxious, waste of bandwidth homepages! Normal […]

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Plenty of Pingdom press in December

Here are some of the places in the media where Pingdom was mentioned in the last month of 2007. You may want to take a deep breath if you are reading this out loud: Washington Post, Linux Journal, The Register, Barrons, Computerworld,, Silicon Alley Insider, WebProNews, TechCrunch, GigaOM, Mashable, Read/Write Web, Download Squad, Center […]

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