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When data center cabling becomes art

We have posted pics of some truly messy data center cabling in the past, but this time we figured it was time to do the opposite: Show how some people have managed to organize cables into something close to art.

Artful cabling 1
Courtesy of Digital:Slurp.

Artful cabling 2
Courtesy of ChrisDag.

Artful cabling 3
Courtesy of mbm3290. Swedish colors! How could we NOT include it?

Artful cabling 4
Courtesy of mmayo.

Artful cabling 5
Courtesy of Jef Newsom.

Artful cabling 6
Courtesy of Precision Fiber Optics.

Artful cabling 7
Courtesy of tim d.

Artful cabling 8
Courtesy of Network1 Cabling. (We’re not sure this is practical or not, but it LOOKS impressive…)

This post is dedicated to Daniel Norman, cable guy extraordinaire at ;)