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Archive for February, 2008

When geeks and graffiti combine

There is a lot of geeky graffiti out there. Some are just scribbles on a wall (programmer art being as it is), and some definitely qualify as artwork. It’s no secret that we here at Pingdom are geeks ourselves, and we had a “geek graffiti collection marathon” the other night where we found some really […]

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New Pingdom reports available in beta version

We have just released a new set of reports in the Pingdom control panel. These reports give you even more flexibility than before when viewing your uptime, downtime and response time monitoring results. Note that these new reports are still in beta and will receive some additional polish, so this is the perfect time for […]

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Social network downtime in 2008

This is a list of 14 of the largest social networks in the world, and how much downtime they have had so far in 2008. Social network site downtime, Jan 1 – Feb 25, 2008 Social Network Home page (monitored) Downtime in 2008 (until Feb 25) Bebo 12h 28m Windows Live Spaces 7h […]

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Joost website has a surge of downtime in February

Since February 8, the Joost website has had outages almost on a daily basis. Some short, some up to an hour long. With a full week left of February, the website has already been unavailable for a total of five hours and ten minutes this month. This can be contrasted with January, when they had […]

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Show the Apple Store status on your site

As the whole Mac community knows, when Apple Store goes down for maintenance, there is a good chance that Apple is about to release something new or update an existing product. To spare you the trouble of constantly keeping an eye on the Apple Store, we here at Pingdom have set up monitoring of the […]

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Web hosting now vs 10 years ago

It’s no secret that there has been an on-going war over customers in the web hosting industry for many years. Together with the technical evolution of computer hardware, this fierce competition has drastically increased what you get for your money when you buy a web hosting account. The people behind Pingdom originally came from the […]

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Since 1999, Voxel has powered the high performance needs of a demanding client base by offering scalable delivery of high-bandwidth media, applications and content. Panther Express is a global content delivery network provider established in 2005 by the former CEO of DoubleClick, Kevin Ryan, and the co-founder and former CTO of DoubleClick, Dwight Merriman. […]

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Bebo experiences increase in downtime

The social network site Bebo has for the last three months been experiencing a trend of increasing downtime. The popular social networking service had only five minutes of downtime in November and 30 minutes in December, but in January that increased to five hours and 20 minutes. Looking at Bebo’s downtime so far in February, […]

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There have been voices raised that we are running out of IPv4 addresses for some time now. So who has taken them? After discussing this at a coffee break here at Pingdom, we were curious. Are there are any “big spenders” who have allocated a huge share of the IP space for themselves? Yes there […]

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Best of 2007 from Royal Pingdom

It seems like everyone posted their best-of-2007 lists early in January. We like to be a little bit different, so we’re doing it now instead. In February… We had a hard time deciding on what articles to include, but we feel that we ended up with a nicely mixed bag of goodies and food for […]

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