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Versions of Google Search you never knew existed

Google Search has been localized to a lot of languages. And with a lot, we mean A LOT. Aside from languages like Swahili, Tamil, Twi, Scots Gaelic, Gujarati, Sesotho, Uighur and many more, Google Search has taken localization one step further by even including fictional languages:


Google Search Leetspeak
Google Search in Leetspeak.


Google Search Klingon
Google Search in Klingon.

Bork, bork, bork! (Swedish Chef, Pingdom’s favorite Muppet)

Google Search Swedish Chef
Google Search in Bork, bork bork!

Pig Latin

Google Search Pig Latin
Google Search in Pig Latin.

Elmer Fudd

Google Search Elmer Fudd
Google Search in Elmer Fudd.

Royal Pingdom
Royal Pingdom

It's not a hijack. Some Google employees have just been having some fun. :)


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