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Archive for May, 2008

Workstations with a gazillion screens

Having just one screen per workstation is enough for most people. Everyone in the Pingdom office has two screens per workstation. We find that that is a nice sweet spot, with a good deal of screen real estate without taking up too much space. But there are people out there who think having two screens […]

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We have used Yslow, Yahoo’s performance plugin to Firefox, to analyze the performance of the top 100 websites in the US according to Alexa. The results were both surprising and interesting. Yslow will rank websites using 13 different criteria that are known to affect website performance, such as the number of HTTP request, how scripts […]

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Google Analytics dominates the top 500 websites

Google Analytics has only been available for about two years, but is already used by one third of the top 500 websites in the world. We here at Pingdom use Google Analytics ourselves and were curious to see how many of the top web properties out there use it. We put the Alexa global top […]

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Roller coaster website performance?

Have you ever noticed if your site tends to perform great during part of the day, only to slow down to a crawl at other times? You may be suffering from what we here at Pingdom sometimes call the roller coaster syndrome. For example, below is a real-world example for the popular social music site […]

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Smart and funny use of Google Adwords

Text ads can be smart, funny, and sometimes unintentionally hilarious when they show up in the wrong context. David, our web designer and marketing maestro here at Pingdom was surfing the web last night and put together a list of really funny and original text ads from Google Adwords. We liked them so much that […]

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Original ways to use excess heat from data centers

Data centers are stacked with computer equipment. All that equipment generates heat, a lot of it, which is just wasted energy. Reusing at least some of that wasted energy seems like a good idea. But first it would be nice to know how much excess heat is actually produced by a data center. IBM should […]

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Gallery of Network Operations Centers

A Network Operations Center rests at the heart of every telecom network or major data center, a place to keep an eye on everything. Some of these NOCs are really “dressed to impress”, while others have taken a more mundane approach. So, for inspiration, here is a set of pictures of different NOCs from telecom […]

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Twitter tweets about Pingdom

We were curious about what people on Twitter are saying about Pingdom, so we used Tweet Scan (a search engine for public messages on Twitter) to look for tweets about us. Here are some of the tweets we found about our uptime monitoring service. We have thousands of users, so some of them were bound […]

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Online travel sales are at an all-time high, and they keep growing. In this competitive market it is increasingly important for travel websites to always be available to their customers. Website downtime is basically the same thing as closing the shop and will drive both sales and customers away to competing services. To see how […]

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Pingdom, Tool of the Week at SEOmoz

SEOmoz has selected the Pingdom uptime monitoring service as their Tool of the Week and have given us a very positive review in their blog. They have a lot of nice things to say about Pingdom. The review looks at our alerts, reports and some of our other features as well as the general usefulness […]

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