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Archive for June, 2008

Web hosting a downward trend?

We noticed an interesting thing the other day while doing some research with Google Trends. The number of searches in Google for the term “web hosting” has decreased a lot in the last four years. Compared to the high points in 2004, there only seems to be ¼ as many searches for web hosting in […]

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There has been several blogs that lists the best Firefox extensions that are out there. Since Pingdom are operating in the web performance and monitoring field we decided to make our own list of valuable Firefox extensions. In this list we don’t cover the well known extensions such as Web Developer Toolbar and Firebug but […]

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A bunch of brand new Pingdom servers

We recently bought a bunch of new servers stacked with RAM and dual quad core CPUs. They will be used for backend processing of Pingdom’s monitoring data and some other tasks. We shipped them out to a data center in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago, and wanted to share some photos of the “event” […]

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Impressive home networks

Most of us have at least one computer at home, some may even have a few. And then there are the ones that almost run their own data center at home, for private use. We had a discussion here at Pingdom when one of our staff members re-configured his home network and added lots of […]

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Women in Open Source

We here at Pingdom have been talking about why we don’t see that many women in Open Source, and were actually about to investigate it further and possibly write a blog post about it. However, when we started to actually look around we were happily surprised. There are lots of women involved in Open Source! […]

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Young IT prodigies

Today computers are everywhere and the Internet has established itself in everyday life. This has led to a new generation that is growing up with computers and the Internet as a completely natural part of their lives. The future of the IT industry belongs to them. We looked around and found a few astonishing kids […]

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New Pingdom feature: Get daily status emails

We almost forgot to tell you about a new feature we snuck into the Pingdom uptime monitoring service a few weeks ago. As with many of our features, this one was added by popular request from our users (who we would like to thank for all the wonderful feedback we have been receiving). Now you, […]

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Javascript framework usage among top websites

Which Javascript frameworks are the most common? To answer that question, we here at Pingdom have examined a set of almost 200 popular websites to see if they use a Javascript framework, and in that case which framework they have chosen. The websites were collected from the Alexa US Top 100 and the Webware Top […]

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When troubleshooting network or DNS problems related to your website, server or other online services, it can be very useful to have access to online tools that can help you narrow down the problems. This article contains 14 useful online tools that can help you with this. And they are all free. We will go […]

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IT posters to cover your empty walls

If you’re like us and have lots of empty wall space in your office you need to check out this list. We have collected a list of posters that focus on interesting information rather than nice-looking sunsets. And of course all are computer and network related. We will definitely be ordering or printing some of […]

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