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IT posters to cover your empty walls

If you’re like us and have lots of empty wall space in your office you need to check out this list. We have collected a list of posters that focus on interesting information rather than nice-looking sunsets. And of course all are computer and network related.

We will definitely be ordering or printing some of these ourselves to add to the create spirit here at the office.

OS evolution over the past 60 years

Computer OS functionality and evolution, including UNIX and UNIX-like OSs and also Microsoft from DOS to Vista.
Price/availability: $19.99

Anatomy of a Linux System

Poster for O’Reilly’s Open Source Software Convention in 2001, so it’s a bit dated, but still full of information.
Price/availability: Free PDF download

Windows 2008 deployment planning

Two Windows 2008 posters showing core functionality and Active Directory components.
Price/availability: Free PDF download

Linux kernel

A map of all functions and layers inside the Linux kernel.
Price/availability: $15-30

Network Management Architecture and Technologies Map

Everything there is to know about network management in one poster.
Price/availability: $19.99

Network protocols

Everything there is to know about network management in one poster.


Price/availability: $19.99

OSI Model

The poster shows the OSI model including details about each layer.


Price/availability: $19.95

Network Architecture

The poster shows all Ethernet implementations illustrated with their IEE 802 specifications.


Price/availability: $19.95

Internet World

Poster showing international routes and transmission capacity in 2000.


Price/availability: $29.95

CAIDA Internet Map: Edition 2

Visual “Skitter graph” of Internet connectivity generated from real data.


Price/availability: $19.95

Domain name system

Diagram explaining how DNS and domain names work and how it’s governed.


Price/availability: Free PDF download

Country codes

Globe with all ccTLDs and phone country codes.


Price/availability: $25-40

Global Internet Map 2006

Global map showing the Internet’s infrastructure.


Price/availability: $225

Web Trend Map 2008

Creative poster showing the top Internet brands in 2008.


Price/availability: $55 or free PDF download

MySQL Charts

Set of two posters with MySQL statements and functions.


Price/availability: $20-30

MS SQL Server 2005

Poster with system views in Microsoft MS SQL server 2005.


Price/availability: free PDF download

History of Programming Languages

A timeline plotting the evolution of over 50 programming languages.


Price/availability: free PDF download

Mother tongues of computer languages

Shows relations and branches of computer programming languages.


Price/availability: free hi-res PNG download

.NET Framework 3.5 , types and namespaces

Commonly used types and namespaces in Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.


Price/availability: free PDF download

Hopefully you found some nice posters for your walls. Our guess is that there are lots of other great posters out there in addition to these, so if you’ve seen any good ones let us know in the comments!


Very immense. Some of those are really cool. Shame some of them don’t give you a more detailed view. I might have purchased a couple of them, if I could see some detail.

Keep up the good work.

There is a PNG version of the the Kernel Map. It is even clickable with links to some documentation on

I wanted to suggest one more poster for your collection: A rather unique map of the world’s ccTLDs — in which each ccTLD is sized according to the population of each country. Here is a visual:


Web Services “standards”

Perl’s Periodic Table of the Operators

Your “Country codes” map has the wrong URL. You put in the same URL as the “Domain Name System.” Otherwise, nice list.

ZapThink’s SOA Implementation Roadmap, Free PDF Download:

Gabriel, thanks for the catch. Fixed now. :)

Great list. I really like the ‘Anatomy of a Linux System’ poster. Now if only I could find some free space on my walls…

As a recent purchaser of Adobe Flex Builder 3, I was sent four free posters with cool ActionScript 3 Class Diagrams and Flex 3 Classes (core to advanced)… these posters look awesome and I am going to have them framed =)

If you develop or are interested in developing in AS / Flex, you can get the posters in PDF format for free and have them printed if you like.. good stuff! (Otherwise for the high-quality prints I think you have to purchase Flex Builder 3).

Here is the link for the free PDFs

My company has a large size Murphy’s Law Poster in the conference room.


For math-geeks there’s some stuff here (like prime number posters):

So all these people put down so much work to MAKE a great OS for FREE, from scratch, and i have to pay for some idiot who made a poster describing it?

Interactive map and poster of GNU/Linux OS and FOSS:

Lol, as bad as it sounds, being an IT major, I’d actually seriously consider buying some of these! I especially dig the linux kernel map there.

Thank you, my wall is happy now!

Nice list, a few of these will go on my new shop walls. Thanks!