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Nine awesome computer ads from the 70s and 80s

There are lots of vintage ad collections out there, and it’s always a fun to look through them. For your viewing pleasure, we have handpicked nine of the most fun, creative or just plain weird computer ads we have ever seen.

Below you will find classic ads from Apple, Texas Instruments, IBM, BASF, Honeywell, Maxell and more.

Two hot bytes

Apple getting witty about their name

A maybe even sexy 1200 bps modem

Back when Bill Cosby was all the rage

A dragon with a chip on its shoulder

The indestructible 3.5-inch floppy (most optimistic ad ever?)

In the future, everyone will use floppy disks

IBM PC, only $2,108 for the 64KB model

But computers were best in the 60s. Really. It tells fortunes!

We hope you enjoyed this little collection! :)