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Sometimes Japanese and Western web designs are VERY different

Many of the major websites have localized versions of their pages for different countries. Most of the time it’s just a plain translation of their “regular” website (for example Apple Japan, Yahoo Japan and MSN Japan, to name just a few), but sometimes localization is taken a BIG step further.

Exhibit A: Yahoo Geocities, the American version

Exhibit B: Yahoo Geocities, the Japanese version

A slightly different approach, wouldn’t you say? :)

This is kind of related to a post we made about the approach to web design used by Asian web hosting companies, where you can check out a number of interesting screenshots and observations.


I’ve noticed this as well … I guess it’s the best way to suit different tastes. Japanese people are (usually) rather keen on colorful designs, while western websites rather focus on soberty and elegance.

That is a good observation, I have found that most japanese websites are better looking… that might just be my take on things.

Japanese focus on style and the cuteness of the website.
I love Japanese websites…