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A handy uptime and downtime conversion cheat sheet

We got tired of not having a good cheat sheet at hand to convert uptime percentages to downtime and vice versa, so we made one. Hopefully you will find it useful (I know we will).

You can download the PDF version here.

Print it out and use it as a reference when you need to quickly check how much downtime in a month 99.5% uptime actually allows for (just an example). It’s very handy. All information on just one page!

Here below is a smaller version for your convenience that you can use as long as your eyesight isn’t too bad. ;)

Again, the full PDF version is available here.

We hope you like it!


This is really Great Sheet , i never see a Blog like this Blog , its really Useful , its my Second day Reading on it :)


Is this white label report where we could replace pingdom logo with our own and provide it to clients in nice .PDF file?


@Tom: No, that's not ok. But you're free to use it and spread it around. Just don't modify it.


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