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New netbook habits – wardriving from the loo

Now that the computer industry has delivered what the users wanted – less capacity and less size at a lower price – the popularity of miniature laptops, netbooks, just keeps on growing.

Their minuscule size may actually cause us to regard our laptops as stationary and our netbooks as our main companions. We checked out some nifty new netbook habits (as actually exercised by an IT-professional friend of ours) in the:

Toilet: Forget about your toilet tabloid – with the cool small netbook you follow any news from just about anywhere without burning any body parts.

Shop: A killer application for cost-effective shopping – never forget to take five minutes outside the shop and check for cheaper alternatives nearby once you’ve found something you want to buy.

Kitchen: So you want to duplicate a divine dish offered by a relative or friend? Easy, take photographs and bring your netbook to the shop and the kitchen with pictures of the ingredients and the dish in different stages.

Office: So your company has issues with you chatting, emailing or browsing at the office. The solution is easy, just bring your inconspicuous netbook and be the only one in the organization to have access to your private email.

Café: Skype, surf, chat and take notes anywhere. With several netbooks offering a fair and improving battery life, you can keep them in sleep mode for instant start-up.

One thing you shouldn’t do, however, is to go mountain climbing above 10,000 ft with a netbook unless you have a solid-state drive. In a hard drive, the heads do not touch the recording surface. They float above the surface on a small cushion of air, produced by the spinning platters. If the air is too thin to create this cushion, the heads will connect to the surface, possibly damaging it.

Do you have any innovative notebook habits to share? Let us know.

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Andrew from Vancouver

April 7th, 2009 at 10:03 am

My netbook is an even better flashlight than my cellphone.

It’s great for finding my way upstairs in the dark after my wife abandons me in the living room late at night while I pore over my uptime statistics.

I actually love the idea for a kitchen computer. I’m also thinking these are great for use on the road when you just need basic RDP and e-mail access.

Kitchen computer is one thing but a toilet computer is quite another. Ah well, at least they do not have smellivision yet! :)

They are still not powerful enough for a full application suite that you need. Give it another 18 months and we will have both minis but they will have max computing power.