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Archive for September, 2009

5 reasons Gmail’s fail is not the end of cloud computing

Last week, Gmail failed – for the third time in recent months. Yet again, the media and blogosphere declared the end of hosted services, software-as-a-service and cloud computing as we know it.

Here’s why I disagree:

(Read on to get cloud computing expert Guy Rosen’s take on how the latest Gmail problems relate to the viability of cloud computing in general.)

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Stay warm this winter, in awesome geek style

Summer is over. The temperature is dropping and winter is looming on the horizon, which means that it’ll soon be time to take out those scarfs and snow caps and whatever other attire you use to protect yourself against the cold.

Many see this as an opportunity for self-expression, and the geeks of the world are no exception. Here’s how you can stay warm in awesome geek style throughout the winter.

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Why Facebook doesn’t have to worry about Twitter quite yet

Facebook claims to have Twitterin the rear-view mirror,” but of course the company is keeping a close eye on what’s happening with Twitter. The recent inclusion of Twitter-style tagging with the @-symbol in Facebook certainly seems more than a little inspired by Twitter.

There is one thing we find a wee bit strange, though. Although we love Twitter and the service is clearly growing like crazy, the way people are talking about Twitter and Facebook often makes it sound like Twitter may overtake Facebook any day now. Those people need to realize how big Facebook really is.

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There are now 184 million registered domain names and counting

Verisign, the registry that handles the .com and .net top-level domains (TLDs), has released a new edition of its quarterly Domain Name Industry Brief, a report covering trends within the domain name industry.

As usual the report is crammed full of data about domain name registration trends and which TLDs are the most popular. We’ve cherry-picked some of the more interesting data points for your reading pleasure.

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The holy tech flame wars


Since the dawn of technology people have been arguing about which technology is better. As with all such debates there are usually no simple answers and it often comes down to personal taste.

These discussions tend to be very infected due to the almost religious belief shown by the most hardcore supporters of a technology, a thorough conviction that all other options are inferior. Sometimes the technology creators themselves also add fuel to the fire by joining the discussions.

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Are young Internet users more likely to pay for content?

Are young Internet users less stingy than old ones? That certainly seems to be the case when it comes to paying for online content according to a new survey by paidContent:UK.

In the survey, 1,188 UK adults between the ages 16-64 were asked what they would do if their favorite news site started charging money. The results weren’t exactly what you might expect.

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The sad truth about today’s Internet population

The world isn’t a fair place, and yet another way this is laid bare is the huge differences shown in Internet penetration among the population of the various world regions. We thought it would be interesting to see what kind of an effect this is having on the world Internet population of today.

Read on for a set of very revealing statistics and charts . . .

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People are getting used to broadband connections, more powerful web browsers, and a speedier web experience in general. A new study shows how the expectations of Internet users have changed significantly over the last couple of years. We expect websites to be a lot faster.

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Only 3 countries in the world have more people than Facebook

The Facebook phenomenon continues. Yesterday Facebook announced that it has a whopping 300 million active users.

Three. Hundred. Million. Users.

For some perspective on how huge that is . . .

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Twitter’s meteoric rise to fame has been hard to miss, especially after it really took off in 2009. The latest number being thrown around is that the service will soon have 18 million users in the United States alone.

We all know that Twitter is extremely popular in the United States, but it’s pretty darn popular in the rest of the world as well (Pingdom is on Twitter, and we’re Swedes!) But it took Twitter a while to get there.

Let’s take a tour of the geographic expansion of Twitter from its launch in 2006 until today in 2009.

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