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Archive for December, 2009

10 things that will happen in Search in 2010

SearchThe world of search is moving quickly, with promises of big advances in 2010.

From augmented reality to personalized results, here are ten trends and changes you can expect to see in search in the next year. 2010 will for sure bring lots of new technology and changes to the table for search.

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10 free iPhone apps for effectively managing your website

iPhone appsIf you are a webmaster and you have an iPhone then prepare yourself, because here is a list of ten of the very best iPhone apps for webmasters. These apps will help you to manage your website, on the go and with ease. Best of all these apps are free to download. With the exception of Chartbeat and Analytics Agent Lite, these apps are fully functional versions, and each is useful in its own unique way.

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The best Royal Pingdom posts of 2009 (Happy Holidays!)

Happy Holidays everyone! It’s Christmas time now and we’ll be taking a short break here on Pingdom’s blog. We’ll be back next Monday.

Until then, here are some of our best posts from 2009 that you may have missed.

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New! Desktop notifier for website downtime

Pingdom Desktop NotifierDo you have a website? Do you like knowing that it’s working ok? Pingdom exists for this very reason, to alert you when your site has downtime, so you can fix it. With this in mind we have released a new application that we call the Pingdom Desktop Notifier, which sits in your Windows system tray.

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Exciting web browser trends in 2010

Next year is going to be a big year for web browsers. In 2010, we’ll hopefully see Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 9, Safari 5, and possibly even Chrome 5. This new batch of browsers will include several new features that have the potential to entirely change the way we interact with the Web.

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Worst Internet disasters of the decade

Now that this decade is coming to an end, we thought it would be a good time to list the very worst Internet disasters that happened between 2000 and 2009. And believe us, there have been some really big ones. Some you may remember, and some may be new to you, but they all affected a huge amount of Internet users.

We focused on Internet service disruptions that lasted a significant amount of time and affected many people. Other criteria were that the incident shouldn’t be about any one single service or website and that it should be technical in nature (i.e. the dot-com bubble bursting in 2000 doesn’t count).

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Thank you Google for the SLOOOW Internet

Pingdom’s management team recently visited Boston, USA, for some meetings. On their way back they had some time left over at the airport and decided to get some work done. Nicely enough, Google is currently offering everyone free Wi-Fi at a large number of US airports, including the Logan International Airport in Boston.

So, free Wi-Fi. Sounds great, right?

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Promising web file formats that never took off

The World Wide Web has promised a lot over the years. Thus far, some of those promises have been fulfilled, but there have also been disappointments. One area that I feel has been consistently disappointing in recent years is the promise of newer, more powerful, and more useful file formats. I’ll take a look at three of these: SVG, JPEG 2000, and MNG, below.

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How Cloud buzz has conquered media

These days if you try to find news involving the word “cloud,” you’re more likely to get an article about cloud computing than you are finding a weather report. If the amount of news referencing “cloud” is anything to go by, the media has embraced this new terminology with open arms, starting in 2008.

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Who needs tablet computers anyway?

Ask yourself this: “What would I use a tablet for?” Regardless of the recent drama surrounding the Crunchpad’s untimely end – and the disappointing Fusion Garage Joojoo tablet taking its place – it seems that the entire tech industry is ready to embrace tablets with open arms. There’s the never-ending hype about the possible Apple tablet, Microsoft Research’s Courier project, and netbook companies like Asus announcing they’re developing tablets in the coming year. We’re also seeing articles predicting 2010 as the year of the tablet, and others espousing why tablets signal the end of netbooks.

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