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Facebook, social media juggernaut (infographic)

FacebookFacebook has announced that it now has 400 million active users. Just one year ago Facebook had 150 million users, so 2009 was an incredible year for the social media giant.

There can be no doubt that Facebook is pretty much unstoppable at the moment, a real juggernaut. For some perspective on Facebook’s amazing growth, we have put together this infographic. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

Facebook size and growth infographic

Take another look at that last number. That’s more than half a billion users, an incredibly large user base for a social network site, and it may not be too long before Facebook reaches it.

Data sources: The Facebook Blog for Facebook data and Wikipedia for country numbers.

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Could you update this graphic with the new 500 million mark? Thanks!

@mavfan – I was thinking the exact same thing! Superb piece of infographic, so I decided to, ahem, update it myself… – with suitable credit to Pingdom, of course!

@AJAustin: Haha! Nice one. :)