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Google facts and figures (massive infographic)

Google has perhaps more than any other company become “The Internet Company.” It’s grown hand in hand with the internet and its entire business model has from the start been totally focused on the internet as a delivery platform.

And let’s face it, Google is a pretty interesting company. In fact, we think it’s so interesting that we put together this infographic with a ton of facts and figures about Google. We’ve been digging through Google’s SEC filings, news articles and the trusty old Wikipedia to get plenty of interesting data to include. We hope you like it!

Google infographic

Updated, Feb 25, 13:40 CET: The first version contained an error, that 270,000 words were written on Blogger per day. It’s per minute, and the infographic has been updated accordingly.

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Great info! I submitted it to Digg. You have a great blog as I have previously mentioned as well.

Excellent Find! Thanks for this..Keep up your good work guys and gals!

isn’t there a mistake in number of daily words on Blogger: 270’000 seem very little!

@Didier: You’re right. It’s supposed to be words per MINUTE. We’ll fix that. Thanks for spotting it.

A few other big Google products that you didn’t mention: Google Maps (acquired product in 2004) and Google News, which is having a huge effect on the revenue of local newspapers.

First of all,
thanks for the research data, really amazing!

I am pretty amazed how Google dominate the internet… ufff,..just huge change since the beginning.

Incredibly elegant visualization. Dave Gray from Xplane would love this. Probably have some nice comments to add to it as well.

You’ve prompted me to create a similar infographic for ThoughtRod – one on innovation and company/product lifecycles.

Thanks again for the killer info.

Thanks, please Microsoft Grafic? (xbox, msn, windows, …)

BTW, 20% time for employees is for engineers only (about half the company.

Xoogler (ex-Googler)

One trillion pages indexed in summer’08 is incorrect. The correct is “one trillion URLs known”.

I would love a high-quality poster-size version to have printed, it’d go great on my wall at work! ;)

All I can say is wow! You can tell the all the work you put into the infographic. Nice work!

Very good job! Nice visualisation of the values.


If I remember correctly you missed one fictional language: pirate

Remarkable piece of research – and a bit scary. Thanks for taking the time to assemble this.

Love it, what program(s) did you use to create the charts and assemble the infographic?

“It’s grown hand in hand with the internet…”

It *has* grown hand in hand with the internet…

Impressive infographic indeed, it illustrates literally how huge search is in real terms and in marketing terms. This has inspired me to blog about this on my livertising blog at . Thanks for the impulse.

Google’s stock was IPO priced at $85 but unless you were connected or a Google employee your price was $113 on opening day.

There’s a mistake in the number of gourmet restaurants. There are about 15 in Mountain View, CA, but there are restaurants in every office all over the world as well.

The accomplishments achieved by Google are simply mind-boggling.

This chart helps to put it into perspective but it is still hard to envision numbers this big.

Unless I’m overlooking a decimal, the profit and revenue figures in this are wrong by an order of magnitude.

Google’s revenue and profit is in the billions, not trillions.

@Jeff H. Where are you seeing trillions? It’s billions in this doc, so I guess you are indeed overlooking a decimal?

Those figures are truly astonishing – and a great graphic representation of some big numbers.. done so much better with charts so you can see growth.

Even when Google went through its initial IPO I thought the shares were a tad on the pricey side. Now with hindsight I now figure that I lost the opportunity to turn every $1000 of shares into $6000 – shame for me but great for anyone with shares.

I’m not complaining though – I get to use some great Google tools (especially Gmail, Docs and Apps) for productivity, web analytics and search engine marketing trends. They do “give out” some pretty cool stuff… in return for your privacy & adwords bucks.

Incredibly eye-opening folks. Well done (as always).
I’m curious: What do you folks use to assemble these infographics? They’re gorgeous and effective (a tough challenge with even much less complex data).

I’d love to see a real-time mashup that guesstimates these datapoints as they move. Talk about mind-bending info. Thanks again for the peek inside the Googleplex

Love it, what program(s) did you use to create the charts and assemble the infographic?

I must agree these are some quite amazing figures and also the graphs are an excellent view for us to put things in perpestive as to the scale of the company as a whole..

But i know that youtube is now owned by google…..

But are you aware that youtube as a SEARCH ENGINE is getting
wheeeeeeeyyy more searches than google ???

i was a bit shocked to hear this but it is TRUE

Interesting stuff! I think Google’s greatest feats are with out a doubt, blogger and adsense. Their development of serving advertisments inside gmail should also be a factor in revenue.

Hot Tech NixFly

May 21st, 2012 at 1:48 am

Great and interesting infographic.  I never knew that Google got 620 million visitors a day, though I knew it was a lot.