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Amazing facts and figures about Instant Messaging (infographic)

Instant messaging. We all use it, whether it be Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, or some other IM client or platform. We’ve come a long way since the days of ICQ, when IM as a phenomenon really took off. IM is now such an intricate part of our experience of the internet that we thought an infographic on the subject was in order. Enjoy!

Instant Messaging infographic

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Interesting! It would be interesting to compare IM use with e.g. Facebook somehow. I for one use a lot less IM services and more Facebook and Twitter.

not to be mistaken with Tencent QQ, i think QQ is probably one of the 5 biggest instant messenger in the world. Most of the chinese in China uses QQ

Facebook also has an IM, would be interesting to see Facebook IM figures as well.

Interesting. The only one missing is IRC which has gone through a big revival the last years.

okay, come on… instant messaging was around long before 1993… ever heard of internet relay chat? how about “talk”? yeah, from the 70′s.

Yeah, “chatting” in various forms was around before that. Instant messaging in its current form though, is a different story. We’re not saying that that timeline is an exhaustive timeline of everything that ever happened in computer-to-computer communication… We had limited space, so please cut us some slack. ;)

Am I oldschool, cause I’m not using any messenger?

Aim was released May 1997, not in 1996.