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Everything there is to know about domain names (infographic)

Domain names, without them the web would just be a bunch of hard-to-remember IP addresses. Imagine telling your buddies, “Oh, I found this awesome site at last night.”

And yet, many of us don’t know all that much about them. Prepare to be cured of that, because here is…

Domain name infographic

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In your time line it points to 1995 and states that it cost $100 to register a .com domain for 2 years. But below that it says 2005. Just thought I would point that out. Good post thoough!!

Why can I never ever see your info graphics?

I’ve tried using the web page in FF, IE8 & Chrome but nothing?? Thanks for noticing. The image has been updated with the change.

@Andy That sounds really strange since its just a PNG image. Try to open only the image, you can see it here:

Entertaining and educational.

It was useful for me.


Very nice article. Thank you!

great, but another great domain name “hack” is

Hahaha! Those domain hacks are really cool, I didn’t know all of them.

@Steve That’s a good one too. is broken down into www (host) example (domain) and com (tld) www is NOT a subdomain unless it has other hosts attached to it (