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The blogosphere haystack: 144 million blogs

HaystackNo wonder many bloggers have a hard time getting noticed. According to Blogpulse, there are more than 144 million blogs in the world, publishing 1 million posts per day. So there is some competition.

That’s an awful lot of hay for potential readers to sift through for that one single needle that your blog represents.

Thankfully, it’s not quite as bad as it looks. Keep in mind that a significant portion of those 144 million blogs are:

  • Spam blogs.
  • Blogs that are rarely updated.
  • Blogs outside your genre.

On the other hand, that will still leave you with anywhere from thousands to hundreds of thousands of blogs to compete with (depending on what you’re blogging about). Quite a challenge.

So, best of luck to all you bloggers out there, and keep typing.

Photo by Maurice Koop.

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Ellie K
Ellie K

@Stranger could also try leaving a name and website when he comments on blog posts like this. That way other readers can be intrigued by his witty comments and click through to see what else he has to say. As I'm about to do right now with @Andrew's post preceding mine!


^stranger - one way is to become more active and engaged in the Internet community. Start a twitter account, post on forums, put your blog in your signature and lastly, comment on other blogger's posts. Also, I have a few more to add to your list =) -Personal Journals and Diaries that nobody reads -Bloggers who are in your same situation struggling for readers -Blogs that are boring


so how could you make sure your blog gets noticed and favored by search engine?