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Strange and funny trademarks by Google, Apple, MS and others

Registered TrademarkRemember the recent discussion around Facebook’s “Face” trademark?

That whole discussion made us remember some rather funny or just plain strange examples of trademarks we’d seen from big players like IBM, Microsoft, Apple and Google in the past. Companies do love their trademarks…

Here are a few of the stranger ones:

  • Because It’s Everybody’s Business™ (Microsoft)
  • Lips® (Microsoft)
  • Mouse Mischief™ (Microsoft)
  • SpyNet® (Microsoft) (Hmmm…?)
  • MacPAD™ (Apple) (Safeguarded option to the iPad?)
  • Google Zümm™ (Google)
  • Wenwendada™ (Google)
  • BooleDozer™ (IBM)
  • Chiphopper™ (IBM)
  • LOVEM® (IBM)
  • Do You Flip?® (Cisco)
  • Adobe® Pi (Not 3.14?)
  • Buzzword® (Adobe)
  • Flash on.® (Adobe)
  • Giddyup Thangs® (Adobe)
  • Ouch!® (Adobe)

Some kind of make sense, others not so much… :)

These are just the tip of the iceberg. You can find the complete lists here:
Adobe trademarks (PDF), Apple trademarks, Microsoft trademarks, Google trademarks, IBM trademarks, Cisco trademarks, Dell trademarks.