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The best Royal Pingdom posts of 2010 (Happy Holidays!)

Happy Holidays from Pingdom

Happy Holidays everyone!

Like much of the world, we here at Pingdom will be taking a short Christmas break. Since we won’t be updating the blog until sometime next week, here is a selection of posts from the past year that you might have missed.


Internet and the Web in general

  • The top 20 countries on the Internet, and what the future might bring
  • State of the Internet in Europe
  • The incredible growth of the Internet since 2000
  • The REAL connection speeds for Internet users across the world
  • Is the Web heading toward redirect hell?
  • What it takes to be a top 100 website
  • Amazing facts and figures about Instant Messaging (infographic)
  • Facebook as a single point of failure for the Web
  • 15 fantastic firsts on the Internet
  • Everything there is to know about domain names (infographic)

Open source

Web tech


  • Mobile OS usage splits the world
  • Why Android developers are losing money, and it’s not due to piracy

Big business

  • Google facts and figures (massive infographic)
  • The money made by Microsoft, Apple and Google, 1985 until today
  • How Google dominates the Web
  • Innovation by acquisition
  • Our desktops are ruled by dinosaurs
  • How Google collects data about you and the Internet

Social media

  • The top countries on Facebook
  • Study: Ages of social network users
  • Facebook, social media juggernaut (infographic)


We hope you found these posts interesting, fun or maybe even educational. Thank you for reading! :)

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First really First i read it first time very interesting info on this post believe me. I liked this post in all your best posts of 2010. “15 fantastic firsts on the Internet” One should must read this post, I enjoyed this post and the first web page address: :) I like it.

Thank you for sharing.