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Archive for January, 2011

Open source projects

Building websites and web applications today is not only about being a great programmer, it’s even more important to be a smart programmer. This means to re-use existing code and applications when possible instead of re-inventing the wheel.

Open source has been around for ages and much of the web is built using it. Every developer knows about Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP).

But what about all the other open source projects out there? As a web developer you can save lots of time or optimize the performance of your applications by using many of the other projects that are available.

Lets take a look on what’s out there, free for everyone to use.

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Seeking beta testers for new Pingdom API

PingdomWe’ve been working on a brand new API for Pingdom and would now like to work together with a selection of beta testers to make sure it’s the best it can be before we release it into the wild.

This new API is part of a wave of backend development we’re doing here at Pingdom that will be the basis for taking our uptime monitoring service to new heights. We’re growing fast and have recently added several really talented developers to our team, and another hiring spree is coming up in a week or two for seven new positions. You will see a lot happening with Pingdom over the coming year.

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Diving deep into email spam statistics

Email spamAs you may have seen in our “Internet 2010 in numbers” recap, the amount of email spam on the Internet is mind-boggling. Approximately 89% of all emails are spam, resulting in an estimated 260 billion spam emails sent every single day.

We thought it might be interesting to dig a bit deeper into the facts and figures around spam, so we’ve gone through a massive 66-page report from Symantec about spam and malware in 2010 to get you a ton of interesting little nuggets of information.

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Internet companies with few employees but millions of users


The Internet has given even small companies the chance to reach a huge audience worldwide. This has resulted in a number of companies and organizations that provide services to a huge number of users in spite of having a relatively small number of employees.

The companies and organizations we’ve included here have at least an estimated 10 million users or more.

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Internet 2010 in numbers

Internet 2010 in numbers

What happened with the Internet in 2010?

How many websites were added? How many emails were sent? How many Internet users were there? This post will answer all of those questions and many, many more. If it’s stats you want, you’ve come to the right place.

We used a wide variety of sources from around the Web to put this post together. You can find the full list of source references at the bottom of the post if you’re interested. We here at Pingdom also did some additional calculations to get you even more numbers to chew on.

Prepare for a good kind of information overload. ;)

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The Web is the biggest open source success of all

Open SourceThe open source movement is a popular one, and it’s certainly made its mark on the software landscape. But where has it made its biggest mark? What is the most successful open source endeavor of all time?

Actually, when you see it as a whole, isn’t the Web the biggest open source success of them all?

Perhaps the most famous example is the LAMP stack that lies behind so many websites, i.e. Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. But there’s so much more when you think about it.

Here are some of the open source projects that make the Web tick.

Read more now hosts half of all WordPress blogs

WordpressAutomattic, the company behind the popular open source blogging software Wordpress (found at and the blogging service, recently revealed some very interesting new statistics. This little nugget of gold caught our attention (emphasis added by us):

There are over 32 million WordPress publishers as of December 2010: 16 million blogs hosted on plus 16.7 million active installations of the software.

That there are more than 32 million Wordpress blogs in total is impressive, but it is the world’s most popular blogging platform so the number should be high. The really amazing number here is that very close to half of those blogs are now hosted on the service.

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Apache web server hit a home run in 2010

Web serversThe World Wide Web would be nothing without web servers, and Apache has been king of that hill for a long time now. Although its market share has been slipping a bit in recent years, Apache came back with a vengeance in 2010.

This became abundantly clear as we examined the growth of the top five web servers during the past year, from December 2009 to December 2010. As you’ll see, Apache really had a great year.

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