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Archive for February, 2011

The Internet as a force for good

Hands up

The recent events in countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and several other places have once more reminded us why the Internet is such a game changer. It facilitates the flow of information and mass communication to levels unprecedented in history. It is organic, and in most cases, independent of national interests. It circumvents the traditional, official channels of information.

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PingdomTwo weeks ago we released the beta of our new public report pages (also known as status pages), and we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive feedback we’ve received from our users.

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Amazon Web ServicesAmazon recently published some numbers showing how Amazon S3 (Amazon’s “cloud-based” storage service) has grown over the years. They even included a chart, which you can see here below, which clearly shows how the number of objects stored in S3 has exploded.

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The countries Facebook has left to conquer

FacebookIn most countries today, Facebook is either the most popular, or second or third most popular website. The social network has reached such widespread popularity that it can these days only really be compared to Google, the only other company that can brag about a similar reach.

But Facebook isn’t in the top everywhere. There are still several countries where Facebook hasn’t been able to reach a dominant position (at least not yet).

Which countries? Read on to find out.

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Flower sites hit hard by Valentine’s Day

HeartValentine’s Day is a great day for any vendor selling flowers. Over the years, a large number of websites selling flowers have sprung up, and as you might expect, many of these websites are flooded by eager shoppers on February 14 wanting to buy flowers and gifts for their loved ones.

This is big business. Americans are expected to spend $18.6 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts this year.

Now here is the catch. Every year, some of these websites won’t be prepared to handle the increase in visitor traffic and as a result they slow down significantly, or even crash under the pressure.

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Awesome tech company office designs

Cool office designs

We all know Google has awesome office spaces, they’re well known for it and we’ve all seen the colorful pics, but the truth is that quite a few tech and web companies have taken the extra step and made their office environments pretty amazing places to work.

Here are a few examples…

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Microsoft’s woes: It’s a Windows-eat-Windows world

Microsoft WindowsPardon the wordplay on “dog-eat-dog world,” but as you’ll see it applies perfectly to what is going on with Windows in the desktop OS space.

Because there are several interesting things going on. Some quite expected, others not so much.

First of all, the situation now is that Windows 7 has made a real splash. It’s already passed Windows Vista and is getting closer and closer to that clunky old workhorse that refuses to die, Windows XP.

This is how the different versions of Windows were divided one year ago, versus now…

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New public report from Pingdom enters beta

PingdomStarting today all Pingdom users can try out our new and improved public report pages, seen here below. These reports, also known as status pages, let you make some or all of your Pingdom monitoring results public, promoting transparency toward your users.

Since the public reports are hosted by Pingdom, they will be available even when your own website is down. They are very handy as automatically updated public status pages for web services and hosting companies, to name one example.

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Facebook, YouTube, our collective time sinks (stats)

Down the drainThink what you will about Facebook, but the main social network of choice today has become so big and so prevalent that there’s no escaping it. And we spend an almost ridiculous amount of time on Facebook. Another behemoth that is virtually everywhere and used by everyone is YouTube. You may have heard of it.

Let us walk you through some numbers for these two sites to give you an idea of how much they are being used worldwide and the massive amount of time we are spending on them.

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