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Archive for April, 2011

Where Yahoo still beats Google

Yahoo!It’s no secret that Yahoo has seen brighter days and that Google has come to utterly dominate the Web in a way that Yahoo just can’t compete with anymore.

But lo and behold, there are still some places where Yahoo is ranked higher than Google. They’re few and far between, but they do exist, and in some pretty big markets, too.

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How to mess with your sysadmin

How to mess with your sysadmin

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News about the AWS outage

It has probably escaped no one that Amazon had several days of serious issues with its cloud hosting service last week, which took a large number of sites either fully or partly offline, including sites like Reddit, Foursquare and Quora.

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Firefox 4 zooms past 100 million downloads

Mozilla Firefox 4, 100 million downloads

We bet the team over at Mozilla is about to pop open a few bottles of bubbly. Why? Because Firefox 4 just sailed past 100 million downloads. The new browser version was released to the public on March 22.

Even for such a widely used software as a web browser, 100 million downloads in a month is quite an accomplishment.

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The iPad already used more than Linux computers


We noticed an interesting thing the other day that we’d like to share with you. However, if you’re a Linux enthusiast, you may want to stop reading now…

These are the operating system stats for April for the United States.

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USA vs. China on the Internet

The United States versus China on the Internet

Arguably, there are currently only two superpowers on the planet: the United States and China. Now that the world is growing increasingly dependent on the Internet, how do these two giants stack up online?

We’ve taken a number of Internet-related metrics to compare the two countries, things like the number of Internet users, Internet penetration, the speed of Internet connections, the number of domain names, favorite websites, web browsers, operating systems and more.

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Wanted: Freelance developer for Pingdom project

PingdomWe’re working on lots of fun, new projects here at Pingdom. This means that all our developers currently have their hands full. Because of this we’re looking for a rockstar freelance developer to jump in and help us out with some cool ideas we have.

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Another sign that Twitter may be scaring developers away

TwitterTwitter became what it is today largely thanks to a big and very enthusiastic community of third-party developers who built applications on top of the fast-growing service. There were other factors as well, but few would argue that strong support from its developer community hasn’t been key to Twitter’s success.

For developers, the Twitter API has been almost as hot a commodity as the Twitter service itself. So imagine our surprise when we noticed that worldwide interest in the Twitter API seems to have dropped off since mid-2010 (based on search statistics from Google).

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Wrappers for Pingdom’s new REST API

Pingdom APIAs you may know, we recently launched a new Pingdom API. It’s a powerful, easy-to-use REST API that lets you do anything from accessing your Pingdom monitoring history (for example for constructing charts, etc.), check the current status of your websites, add new monitoring, edit contacts, set up notifications, etc.

Basically anything you can do from within Pingdom’s control panel, you can do via the API. We encourage you to check it out if you haven’t already (we suggest you start here).

The new API has been very well received, and it didn’t take long before third-party wrappers started to show up for various languages, created by enthusiastic users.

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What Google autocomplete has to say about the Internet

Google autocompleteWe all love the Internet, but using it also has its fair share of frustrations. This becomes fairly obvious when you look at the automatic suggestions that Google makes as you type in your searches…

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