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Archive for May, 2011

Is the online tech crowd really THAT dominated by men?

Men and womenTech is generally thought of as a male-dominated field, so it’s not surprising to see that visitors to tech blogs are predominantly male. What you might find a bit sad is just how massively the men outweigh the women.

To find out what the balance looked like, we picked out a group of popular tech blogs (and a couple of tech blog aggregators) and examined how many of their website visitors are male versus female with the help of demographics data from Google’s DoubleClick Ad Planner.

The sites included in this survey are: TechCrunch, GigaOM, Mashable, ReadWriteWeb, Techmeme, Slashdot, The Next Web, Slashgear, Hacker News, Venturebeat, TUAW, BGR, Daring Fireball, All Things D, and AppleInsider.

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WordPress turns 8 today

WordPressExactly eight years ago today, Matt Mullenweg announced that the first release of WordPress was available for download. We wonder if he knew what he was starting.

Much has happened with the blogging software since then. For one, WordPress has become the most popular blog platform in the world, which is no small feat. It’s also without a doubt one of the most successful open source projects ever created.

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Facebook gobbles up anti-Facebook domain names

FacebookProtecting one’s brand is pretty much standard practice for large online properties like Facebook. As a result, the social network giant now owns hundreds of domain names, of which only a few are actually used. The rest have been taken over from others for “safekeeping.”

We find it rather amusing that Facebook itself now owns domain names such as:

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Pingdom is expanding and hiring. Want to join us?

PingdomWant to work for a popular, fast-growing web service with a global audience? Live in Sweden? Then you have an excellent opportunity right now.

Things are going great for us here at Pingdom. Our website monitoring service is growing by leaps and bounds, and now we’re in the midst of a push to expand our team with another set of talented individuals.

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Why email is crucial to Google, Microsoft and Yahoo

EmailGoogle, Microsoft and Yahoo. These three companies rule webmail with Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail, the three largest email services on the Internet.

What might escape a lot of people, though, is just how important email services are for the online presence of those companies (yes, even for Google). To give you an idea, let’s look at some rather interesting website traffic numbers.

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Handy downtime troubleshooting tips

my pingdom

As you might have noticed, we’re making a new control panel for Pingdom. You can already access parts of it either by logging in directly to it, or going via our current control panel.

We thought you might enjoy a few tips on how you can use it effectively, so let’s start with a very important subject: troubleshooting downtime. After all, once you’ve received an alert from us that your website is down, you might want to have a closer look at exactly what the problem is.

As an added benefit, much of what we tell you here below are things you can apply in the existing control panel, so you practically get two lessons for the price of one. Neat, huh?

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Internet users per time zone (chart)

Internet users by time zoneWe know that there are approximately two billion Internet users in the world, but how are they distributed? More specifically, how are they spread over the world’s time zones? The world population isn’t spread evenly, and neither is the Internet population.

We couldn’t find this information anywhere, so we collected the data ourselves and did the necessary calculations to be able to put together this chart. We hope you will find it useful.

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Apple earned a massive profit of $419,528 per employee in the past 12 months. That beats Google, Microsoft, Intel and a bunch of other big tech companies by quite some margin.

One reason (of several) that profit per employee is such an interesting metric is because it gives you a number that doesn’t depend so much on the size of the company. In other words, it becomes easy to compare companies of different sizes.

We have calculated the yearly profit per employee for a selection of big tech companies that are publicly traded on NYSE and NASDAQ: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, eBay, Adobe, Yahoo, Oracle, IBM, Amazon, HP, Dell.

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The top 20 strongholds for desktop Linux

TuxAs a server OS, Linux has long been highly successful and a poster child for open source. For example, Linux currently powers a majority of the world’s web servers and supercomputers. As a desktop OS, however, Linux has yet to gain mainstream acceptance.

That said, there are some countries where people have embraced Linux on the desktop to a greater degree than most.

Since you probably wouldn’t be able to guess which these countries are no matter how hard you tried, we have highlighted them in this article. Read on to find out where desktop Linux is most popular, plus some nice bonus stats.

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AndroidAccording to Google, there are currently 100 million activated Android devices, and the user base is growing by leaps and bounds. Each day, 400,000 new Android devices are activated. That’s the equivalent of 146 million new Android devices per year.

Does that mean that one year from now, we’ll have 246 million Android devices? At the current growth rate, yes, but here’s the thing: Android’s adoption rate so far has been accelerating.

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