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Pingdom in numbers: 37 billion site tests so far this year

PingdomOur server infrastructure has a lot of work to do, it’s quite a busy bee. When you monitor the uptime and response time of as many websites and servers on the Internet as we do, and do it on a continuous basis, the numbers quickly add up. Just for fun, we thought we’d share some of these numbers with you.

First a couple of year-to-date numbers for the Pingdom monitoring network:

  • Tests performed so far this year: 37 billion
  • Alerts sent out so far this year (all alerts to all contacts): 31 million

The alert number is the sum of all alerts via email, SMS, Twitter, iPhone push notifications, etc.

And what about right now? Here is a snapshot of our current hourly workload…

Read the rest of this article over at the Pingdom blog (our “product blog”).


Wanted to mention your DNS test tool came in handy recently. Google WMT kept showing crawling errors at a time when the logs showed the server to be up. The system administrator where the server is hosted swore they had no DNS issues. I ran the site through the DNS test tool and the report showed a problem, which caused the admin to eat some crow and fix the problem. Thanks.

John Deen
John Deen

good lawd, that's a lot of sites. I wonder how much it would cost to run a server that does so many test per minute.