Pingdom Podcast #3

Pingdom’s Mobile Podcast is a weekly show about Internet, web, and mobile stuff. In this show we covered the following topics:

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  • Saleh had posted two pieces on Google+ about iOS fanboys criticizing Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. He has a chance to explain himself. .

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The show is hosted by Magnus Nystedt at Pingdom and Saleh Esmaeili, User Experience Designer at dots & lines in UAE, currently working on Carbon for Windows Phone and Android.

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  1. Thank you for great post!
    I am a veteran of software industry, specifically for Windows Mobile platform. The insight you gave in your podcast helped me to stick with the latest news. Specifically, it is good to hear that Microsoft is consistent in its certification program. They did this from the very beginning of the Windows Mobile platform (about 1999-2001). So, this is not exclusive Apple approach only.

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