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Pingdom Podcast #4

Pingdom’s Mobile Podcast is a weekly show about Internet, web, and mobile stuff. In this show we covered the following topics:

Start 0:10

  • Welcome
  • Updates on the progress of the Carbon Twitter app for Windows Phone. It was rejected for the fourth time but they are now getting some help from Microsoft.
  • Thoughts on Nokia’s Lumia 800 Windows Phone smartphone. Is it good enough to revive Nokia?
  • Thoughts on RIM ousting its co-CEOs and replacing them with the COO.

Start 36:20

  • Apple has (again) presented amazing financial results, breaking all previous records it seems.

About the show

The show is hosted by Magnus Nystedt at Pingdom and Saleh Esmaeili, User Experience Designer at dots & lines in UAE, currently working on Carbon for Windows Phone and Android.

In each show we give out a discount code for our monitoring service. Listen to the show to catch that coupon and save some money.

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Marine Hardware
Marine Hardware

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just checked and it looks like the Carbon Twitter app finally got approved.