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Weekend must-read articles #2

Every Friday we bring you a collection of links to places on the web that we find particularly newsworthy, interesting, entertaining, and topical. We try to focus on some particular area or topic each week, but in general we will cover Internet, web development, networking, performance, and other geeky topics.

This week we bring you a collection of articles focusing on cloud, with a few other topics thrown in to boot.

This week’s suggested reading

  • Windows Azure: Scott Guthrie at Microsoft publishes a series of articles about Windows Azure.
  • Open Source File, Sync and Share Project Adds Cloud Text Editing and More: OwnCloud Version 3 introduces online editing, photo gallery, PDF viewer, application store and improvements to existing functionality.
  • OpenStack removes Hyper-V support in next release: Microsoft appeared interested in maintaining support for Hyper-V in OpenStack, but developers decided to remove the buggy code.
  • Amazon S3 Growth for 2011 – Now 762 Billion Objects: As of the end of 2011, there are 762 billion (762,000,000,000) objects in Amazon S3. We process over 500,000 requests per second for these objects at peak times.
  • Cloud activity to explode in 2012: Tom Henderson writes for InfoWorld that key areas of growth in cloud activities include asset management, security monitoring, cloud service brokering, and service stacks.
  • Intel Brings Bigger Guns to AMD Server Chip War: With Intel getting ready to launch its “Sandy Bridge” Xeon E5 processors in March and revving up its 22 nanometer processes to eventually field “Ivy bridge” kickers, Advanced Micro Devices is going to have to engineer some pretty impressive new Opteron server chips.
  • Bruce Perens wore a suit and tie for his 2012: His reason, “it reflects our community’s need to think more about how it appears to the rest of the world. Despite our many successes, he said, we have failed to achieve the goals that our community set for itself many years ago.”

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Photo by NS Newsflash.