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Pingdom Podcast #10 – QML and Office for iPad

Pingdom’s Podcast is a show about Internet, web, security, and mobile stuff. In this show we covered the following topics:

  • We comment on this tweet.
  • If 2.3 billion people are online, and Facebook will reach 1 bn users this year, is half of all Internet users on Facebook?
  • Microsoft Windows 8 Metro touch guidance
  • Nokia and Symbian still on top of the mobile web, but for how long?
  • Office on iPad – do you believe it? Office-pad-gate
  • How could you resist?

About the show

The show is hosted by Magnus Nystedt at Pingdom and Saleh Esmaeili, User Experience Designer at dots & lines in UAE, currently working on Carbon for Windows PhoneAndroid, and iOS.

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Curious. Now it shows all the shows. (Never tried the iTunes one). I tried on multiple browsers and platforms, and it only showed shows up to episode 7. But now it looks good, thanks!


Hi, Is it possible to bring the RSS-feed up to date, or is there some reason why it's four episodes behind? The flash player is kind of hard to use while commuting (it tends to fail pretty hard on android for me at least). Otherwise, great show, keep it up!