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Weekend must-read articles #8 – SPDY

This week we bring you a collection of articles focusing on SPDY.

Every Friday we bring you a collection of links to places on the web that we find particularly newsworthy, interesting, entertaining, and topical. We try to focus on some particular area or topic each week, but in general we will cover Internet, web development, networking, performance, security, and other geeky topics.

This week’s suggested reading about SPDY

  • A 2x Faster Web: This is Google’s announcement from 2009.
  • Twitter Catches the ‘SPDY’ Train: Twitter has embraced Google’s vision of a faster web and is now serving webpages over the SPDY protocol to browsers that support it.
  • What to Expect from Firefox in 2012: SPDY, Quiet Updates, Better Web Apps: Among the highlights Firefox’s users can look forward to is default support for Google’s SPDY protocol that speeds up the communication between your browser and web servers.
  • SPDY Protocol: This document describes SPDY, a protocol designed for low-latency transport of content over the World Wide Web.
  • Making the web speedier and safer with SPDY: A Google Tech Talk by Roberto Peon and Will Chan who co-lead the SPDY effort at Google.
  • Introducing mod_spdy, a SPDY module for the Apache HTTP server: mod_spdy is an Apache 2.2-compatible module that provides SPDY support for Apache HTTP servers.
  • SPDY of the Future Might Blow Your Mind Today: SPDY has been up and running in the “basic case” at Google for some time now. But I never wrote publicly about some wicked cool possibilities for SPDY in the future. (Much to my surprise, it may be that someone is doing them today already!)
  • Amazon’s New Silk Redefines Browser Tech: The Silk browser on the Amazon Kindle Fire uses a variant of the Google SPDY protocol.

And we finish with a video!

  • You ain’t SPDY by Chris Strom: Fundamental limitations in HTTP and TCP/IP still add up to 60% overhead to your site. Find out how to reclaim that lost bandwidth and increase the robustness of your sites at the same time.

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RT @xguru: 구글 SPDY에 관한 글 모음 기본소개부터 이를 적용한 트위터 사례, 파이어폭스도 지원예정이고, 아파치용 mod_spdy 모듈, 그리고 SPDY의 미래까지

RT @xguru: 구글 SPDY에 관한 글 모음 기본소개부터 이를 적용한 트위터 사례, 파이어폭스도 지원예정이고, 아파치용 mod_spdy 모듈, 그리고 SPDY의 미래까지