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Weekend must-read articles #11 – Google and Oracle Java lawsuit

Oracle verus Google lawsuit over Java patents and Android

This week we thought you would be interested in reading about what’s happening with the Google and Oracle Java lawsuit. Oracle is suing Google, claiming that Google’s Android OS infringes on key Java patents owned by Oracle. Recently, Oracle rejected a $2.8 billion settlement offer from Google, and the parties are expected to go to court on April 16.

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This week’s suggested reading about the Google and Oracle Java lawsuit

  • Oracle sues Google over Java in Android: Oracle has mounted a no-holds-barred legal attack on Google’s Android operating system in a lawsuit that accuses the internet giant of deliberately infringing patents and copyrights Oracle holds for the Java platform.
  • Oracle’s Android lawsuit: A Pandora’s box of serious evils: A deeper look at Oracle’s legal claims show how an Oracle win or a Google give-in could destroy Android and even open source.
  • A Timeline of Oracle’s Java Lawsuit Against Google: Oracle and Google are headed to court Monday so that a jury can decide whether Google misappropriated Oracle’s Java technology to build its Android software platform, as Oracle claims.
  • Google: Sun offered to license Java for $100 million: Sun Microsystems offered to license its Java technology to Google for US$100 million, a Google attorney said, attempting to show that Oracle is out of touch as it seeks billions from Google for patent infringement.
  • Oracle-Google Trial Starts Monday; Outcome Could Affect All Developers: Oracle and Google are due in court Monday for the start of an eight-week jury trial that could have significant implications for developers of Android applications, as well as potentially for developers of other software.
  • Google’s Android settlement offer is rejected by Oracle: Software developer Google has offered to pay Oracle a small percentage of Android revenues and $2.8m in damages if Oracle can prove it infringed Oracle’s patents.
  • The time for talking is over: Oracle and Google head to trial over Android: After months of tentative talks and rejected offers, Oracle and Google are finally heading to court in a lawsuit that puts the fate of the Android operating system in the balance.
  • Oracle, Google prepare for trial in ‘world series of IP cases’: Oracle will ask a jury next week to find that Google Inc. stole its intellectual property to make Android software in a trial that a federal judge called the “World Series of IP cases.”
  • And we finish with something less serious:
  • Organizational charts of major tech companies (including Google and Oracle)

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