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Weekend must-read articles #12 – IPv6


This week we thought you would be interested in reading about what’s happening with the worldwide adoption of IPv6, working up to the World IPv6 Launch Day on June 6.

Every Friday we bring you a collection of links to places on the web that we find particularly newsworthy, interesting, entertaining, and topical. We try to focus on some particular area or topic each week, but in general we will cover Internet, web development, networking, performance, security, and other geeky topics.

This week’s suggested reading about IPv6

  • IPv6 security a growing concern as Blue Coat, Akamai note malware, exploits: The security issue of the moment is that IPv6 opens endpoints into and out of a company’s network that may not be adequately monitored–or monitored at all.
  • Measuring Worldwide Growth in IPv6 Deployments: The percentage of IPv6-enabled networks has increased in all regions. And what is striking is that, although their start and end positions are different, the growth curves for all five regions is remarkably similar.
  • Europe Leads the Way in IPv6 Adoption: Norway takes the top spot, after a huge community effort to promote the need to become IPv6 ready within the country. The second and third positions are taken by the Netherlands and Malaysia. Six of the top 10 countries are located in the RIPE NCC service region (Europe, Central Asia and parts of the Middle East).
  • Facebook Enabling IPv6 Access For Developers Next Month: Another week, another Facebook Operation Developer Update to keep us all updated on the changes coming to the platform. This week is light in news but what is there packs a punch. Those interested in Facebook’s IPv6 plans will want to especially pay attention.
  • The sorry state of federal IPv6 support: U.S. federal government agencies must meet an aggressive deadline of Sept. 30, 2012, to deploy IPv6 on their public-facing websites, under an Obama administration initiative. But with less than five months to go, more than 99% of federal websites aren’t supporting the next-gen Internet Protocol on their DNS, email and Web services.
  • With World IPv6 Launch, IPv6 on by default will be the new normal: World IPv6 Launch looms large. It’s coming to a worldwide computer network near you on June 6.
  • IPv6 – How to deal with new Internet Protocol upgrade: IPv6 has been a hot topic in the networking industry for over a year now and as the changeover progresses, it is still a priority for companies.
  • Apple under fire for backing off IPv6 support: Apple Computer came under fire for back-pedaling on its support for IPv6, the next-generation Internet Protocol, at a gathering of experts held in Denver.
  • And we finish with something less serious:
  • The nanobots ran out of addresses

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love the blog and the service. any thoughts on when pingdom might be in a position to be testing ipv6 services? thanks!

 @schvin It’s something we’re working on but we can’t make any public announcements yet, unfortunately.

 @Pingdom No problem, understood. If you get to the point where you’d like some testers I’d be interested in helping (am involved with several accounts that use your site that have dual stack infrastructure).